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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Carpentry Services!

Carpentry is an essential part of the construction industry nowadays. Many people prefer the warmth and natural beauty of wood furniture, trim, and sculptures. If you too like what this material offers and live in the Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ proximity, J. Scott Gardner Construction can deliver the quality and characteristics your project needs. For impeccable workmanship, turn to our company at (609) 297-7330. Other than that, you can read more about our business below:

  • What type of work do you execute? Our team has the necessary qualifications and skills to perform any type of woodwork and general carpentry for your construction venture. We also do framing, deck building, and finishing work.

  • Do you have the necessary training and education? No special education is required for a carpenter to find their field of activity. Nevertheless, carpenters are required to pass a certain period of training and an apprenticeship. All our team members have them, but as people say, nothing happens without love and passion. We have the love and passion for working with wood, with the help of the most advanced tools, of course.

  • What do you mean by carpentry finishes? Finish carpentry is the final touches a carpenter company applies to a building or structure. The installation of trim and finish wood are typical examples. Such tasks could also be the design and installation of door and window trim, frames, crown molding, and other final touches on the walls and ceilings.

  • Do your services require me to pay an arm and a leg? Not at all! In fact, the majority of our customers in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ will verify that our rates are very competitive. We could be your next carpentry service helper! You can hire our staff for many different jobs and free no obligation bids.

  • What type of wood do you use in your work? Our company has established relationships with trustworthy vendors and manufacturers. So, when you engage J. Scott Gardner Construction to complete a project of yours, take it easy! We will choose the best timber for the job to help you achieve the desired results.

  • How do I select the right deck style? Once some of our carpenters arrive at your property to discuss the details, we will speak about your preferences. If you have hesitations, we can assist you with the most appropriate size and design for your family. Our specialists will put an end to all your doubts and help you with the best style.

  • How do I pay you? Our company accepts payments in cash and by check.

  • Do you do cabinet installation as well? For the local general public, yes we provide cabinet installation.

  • What if they are very small and I can install them myself? We do not encourage DIY installation work. If you make a mistake, you will suffer the consequences of not booking a professional service provider. So, you better engage our dependable carpenter work professionals for your peace of mind. We have the right tools, talent, and passion for what we do and firmly stand behind our work!

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